A Cardiff City supporter Steven Thomas has taken a swipe at England football manager Gareth Southgate.

Cardiff City fan Steven Thomas has come out sharing his views whilst taking a swipe at Gareth Southgate.

Southgate, who has turned on football fans for booing players whilst taking the knee, but, according to Thomas, who stands like most football fans against the gesture, feels ‘ Southgate should wind his neck in.’

Thomas, who contacted Global247news to express his distaste of Southgate’s recent comments, said:

‘Southgate needs to wind his neck in; if he thinks it’s bad now, wait until grounds are full again, he hasn’t seen anything yet.’

Thomas, who himself has stopped following his own club, Cardiff City, until they stop taking the knee, is a leading member of a group of football fans who want the gesture to stop, although he says they are not racist.

‘We aren’t racist at all, and we all have many black friends; some are even in our group, but we don’t like it as thousands of football fans want politics in football.

‘The truth is, outside the mainstream media, fans simply do not want this stance, but because the mainstream media keep pushing it.

‘I’ve cancelled my Sky package because they promote it, and so have thousands of others across the country.’

Thomas then explained how he feels a Marxist organisation operates BLM, and that’s what people are not understanding, he said:

Gareth Southgate thinks that the average fan that is against the taking of the knee is stupid. After the recent booing of the knee at the recent England game in Middlesbrough Southgate said ‘Some people aren’t understanding the message’.
I think we have got a situation where people think it’s a political stand that they don’t agree with – that’s not the reason they are doing it, we are supporting each other.
So it’s not through supporting the Marxist Black Lives Matter then ? We are constantly told it’s in suppport of BLM.
Well the tv stations can cut out the boos and replace it with clapping but as more fans come back the boos will be deafening.
 Gareth Southgate talking out of his arse when he says it’s not political. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist political group that wants to destroy the basic family mould.


It’s a view that many other football supporters hold across the country that has been demonstrated as fans return to stadiums despite Southgate’s comments.

Ian Hallam, another lifelong football fan, told how the stance is likely to drive him away from the game saying.


I’m on the verge of walking away from football, and it’s because of this BLM stance. These footballers have dug themselves in a hole and continue to dig down. They know it’s been a big mistake but don’t have the guts to admit it. All it’s done is caused more damage than good, but they won’t take responsibility for that, will they?


It does seem football is making a big mistake, and once again, not listening to its paying customers.



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