USA: Man trapped under ATV survives for two days on beer

A bride who collapsed and died at her own wedding left her groom free to marry her sister.

INDIA: Bride dies at wedding so groom marries her sister. Local news reported that Bride Surabhi died of a suspected heart attack after collapsing halfway through the wedding service in the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

A guest at the wedding who was a doctor rushed to help but she was pronounced dead at the scene. Surabhi’s family sat down with the grooms family and decided to carry on with the wedding. The grieving groom, Manoj Kumar, ended up marrying Surabhi’s sister Nisha. The brother of the bride, Saurabh told news reporters “We did not know what to do in the situation.

Both the families sat together and someone suggested that my younger sister, Nisha, should be married to the groom. The families discussed the matter and both agreed.” Photos of Surabhi and Nisha on the day of the wedding have since gone viral on social media.


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