Spain’s Costa del Sol is likely to cost Spain the AMBER light with the British government regards travel tomorrow.

According to sources from within Whitehall, the latest Covid issues on Spain’s Costa del Sol are likely to see the whole country of Spain remain under the amber light when it comes to holiday and European travel.

It’s been announced that Spain’s Andalucia has been left in phase one of de-escalation due to rises in cases of Covid-19.

Whilst the region’s government have stated that the incidence rate is stable, it remains not low.

The results have forced the Junta to take extra precaution and leave the area in phase one due to the region classed as medium risk, having a higher rate than the rest of Spain.

The precautions locally will see the hospitality businesses remain having to close at midnight.

Although the remainder of Spain is at a lower level and hoping that the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives Spain the green light, Whitehall sources say Andalucia could scupper it.

The source said as he departed Cardiff this morning by train to Whitehall after a Bank Holiday break, said:

“It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Andalucia in Spain is still at medium risk level.

“Our Prime Minister has called for extra reports on the current situation with the Costa del Sol being a major player in the holiday industry.

“The reports will be studied before the announcement tomorrow, although Boris is taking no risks and likely now to leave Spain on the amber list for now until the whole country is less than medium risk.

“Although today we are speaking to our counterparts in Spain later before a full decision is made final.

“The UK must protect itself first at all costs; that’s what the majority of British business owners and citizens want, and that’s the policy of the government.

“Of course, we wish our people could travel freely, but sending our citizens to medium risk area’s really is not viable.” he finished before boarding his London bound train.

The news will be devastating for all business operations across Spain, especially those on the Costa Blanca. The local governments have worked tirelessly in the battle against the Coronavirus and have a meagre rate.

Some business owners are now calling for Spain to be divided into regions rather than be judged as a whole country.

Businessman Darren Davidge, who operates in Valencia, spoke this morning with Global247news; he said:

“We are miles away from the Costa del Sol, and we should not be victimised simply because they haven’t got their region under control; the Costa Blanca is perfectly safe and is the main region for British holidaymakers.

“It can’t be that hard to regionalise the two main holiday areas, can it?.

“Just ban all travel to Andalusia and allow the majority of holidaymakers to the larger destinations of the likes of Benidorm”, he suggested.

The announcement is due from the British government tomorrow. However, it’s now expected that Spain will remain on amber until Andalucia can lower its infection rates and move away from medium risk.





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