Cardiff City has registered their latest accounts, and despite claims, there are no shocks.

As the Welsh Club has finally released the accounts, some supporters feared large shocks, but that appears not to be the case after the accounts have been revealed.

Football With Brownie Presenter Adam Brown, in the last 48 hours, had called out the current Chairman, citing him as a liar over the fact that the chairman had stated the club had no other loans apart from club owner Vincent Tan.

Those loans show in the accounts to the tune of nearly 40 million pounds, although it’s believed they are short-term loans against future tv rights.

Although some fans are bewildered that the Chairman said in a recent interview the club would be bust if they lose the court case over the Sala transfer whilst the accounts show a provision for that eventuality.

Cardiff City Trust Chair Keith Morgan, an accountant by trade who studies football finances, this morning made a summary of the latest accounts on the trust website. 

Adam Brown wasn’t available for comment at the time of press.




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