Willy chopped off in sex attack as victim lashes out in Spain's Barcelona and gets arrested

A woman in Spain’s Barcelona chopped off a sexual predator, willy, as he went on the attack.

The victim of the attack in Spain’s Barcelona came under sexual attack as her boss attempted to rape her.

Although the rape attempt was foiled when the woman reached out for a nearby knife and slashed off the attacker’s erect penis.

The attack took place yesterday, and astonishing, the woman has been arrested by the police in Barcelona for chopping off her attacker’s willy.

The chop took place in a bar where the pair worked, and the boss was also arrested for attempted rape.

Sources who also work at the bar say that it’s not the first time that the boss had made sexual advances at the woman.

Emergency services were called to the scene of the attack by another employee of the establishment.

The emergency call was made after the man had his genitals severed by his employee, who he had allegedly attempted to rape.

At present, it’s unknown if surgery was successful in saving the penis and graft it back on, although locals in the region are hoping it wasn’t saying the man deserved it.

Javier Gomez told Global247news local reporter: “Nobody around here has any sympathy for the attacker, and we hope he’s left with no willy; he’s a dirty old man and doesn’t deserve to have sexual organs.”






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