Plans to put back lockdown easing by two weeks after cases surge

The weather has warmed up for the Bank holiday in the UK.

COVID-19: SAGE scientist warns that “everyone needs to be careful now”. However, as people start to emerge again to enjoy the sunshine a leading Government scientist has issued a stark warning. She has urged people to be sensible and said that the whole country is on a “knife edge” over the coming weeks.

She stated that the next two weeks will be crucial in seeing the lockdown process continue as planned. Millions of Britons have flocked to parks, beaches and beer gardens to enjoy the Bank holiday weather. One of England’s most popular seaside towns, Blackpool, was packed with tourists and the Operations Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Andy Hygate, said “We’ve seen how busy it has been this weekend and this is what a seaside resort should be like – people enjoying themselves, having ice creams on the beach.

To see that back and everything that supports the economy and the employment in the town is really important to us and the wider resort.” Despite the millions once again enjoying their freedom after being at home for so long scientists are urging caution as cases continue in an upward spiral due to the Indian variant. Professor of health psychology at University College London, Susan Michie, who is also an advisor for the Government, said “We’re on a knife-edge.

We could go either way with this new variant. Either it could run away as it did before Christmas, which would be extremely serious and we’d have to have more restrictions, or potentially it could be contained.

But that does mean everybody needs to be cautious right now. Everybody’s behaviour could potentially make the difference.

So the key thing at the moment is for people to do their socialising outdoors, and if people are inside, make sure windows and doors are open.” Thousands of people have seen their hopes of getting away abroad dashed recently and many have opted to holiday in the country. One visitor to Blackpool this weekend, Natalie Armstrong, said “The pandemic lockdown has been awful for everyone – the kids have been stuck in the house with the same routines, so it’s really nice to finally get away with all the family this weekend.

We’re making sure we’re following all the rules, hand sanitising, wearing our face masks, but it’s just nice to finally do something a bit normal.” Another Blackpool visitor, Jamie Pye, said “It’s amazing to be back and do things.For so long we haven’t been able to see friends and family.

I forgot what it was like to be in a pub, go to a football match, it’s like a new world again.”




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