Driverless vehicles trialed for first time in Cambridge

Autonomous vehicles have joined regular traffic in Cambridge for the first time.

Driverless vehicles trialed for first time in Cambridge. The driverless shuttles carried passengers and blended in with normal cars and buses. In a test to see if it would be viable for them to be part of everyday life the vehicles took a 20 minute journey around the city’s University campus. The 10-seater mini shuttles run fully on electric and have a top speed of 20mph. They have a range of 100 miles when fully charged.

For safety reasons operators were onboard and could regain manual control of the shuttles if needed. Transport Minister Rachel Maclean was a passenger for the trial. And described it as “very exciting”.

She said “Self-driving vehicles present a number of opportunities for the UK- From providing safer, greener and more reliable transport services to creating tens of thousands of well-paid and skilled jobs across the nation.” Further testing on the vehicles are planned for June. Chief executive officer of Aurrigo, the company that manufactures the shuttles, David Keene, said. “This is another major milestone in the journey towards making autonomous vehicles a reality on our roads.

Our technology will help provide new transport solutions for city centres, shopping and care facilities. Airports and heritage sites. The trial in Cambridge is the next step in proving it.” Dr Nik Johnson, Mayor of Greater Cambridgeshire, said “It is very exciting to see these vehicles working on real roads here as another first in Cambridge.

These shuttles can be used on demand all day and night, every day of the year – which is unaffordable with our existing public transport.”


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