Trade Centre Wales Boss V The People As Skatepark Ruck Hits The Skids For Car Dealer

A full-blown ruck has now developed between the people of Swansea & Trade Centre Wales Boss Mark Bailey.

Millionaire car dealer Mark Bailey has hit the skids with the people of Swansea after a disagreement over a skateboard park being across the road from his residence.

His residence, next door to the Swansea pop singer Bonnie Tyler on Mumbles Road, is under bombardment from horn beepers constantly driving past his home. However, matters appear to be getting even worse for the second-hand car dealer as the residents of Swansea have viewed his attack on children across the world wide web.

As previously reported, second-hand car dealer Bailey blew a gasket over plans to develop a skateboard park that existed long before he bought his home across the road.

Whilst the local issue started leaking out on Social Media, now the full video of him challenging children has hit YouTube.

Bailey can clearly be seen challenging the children, using the C-word to minors before telling them to watch their language as they come under attack.

The dealer brags about his new Ferrari and say’s how he’s offered half a million pounds to Swansea Council to redevelop a skateboard park elsewhere.

Meanwhile, what appears to be his wife climbs onto the skateboard park, filming the minors whilst clearly attempting to try and get hit by a skateboarder; thankfully, the minors restrained themselves during the vile and atrocious attack.

Now though, it appears that Bailey, despite his personal crusade against the development, has turbocharged the people of Swansea against him, probably making him the most despised man in Wales.

Whilst motorists constantly beep as they pass his house, the new revealing video has seen his business operation come under cyber attack.

Trade Centre Wales has had to remove comments as its business page on Facebook was seiged with posters placing pictures of skateboards.

Meanwhile, the businesses Trustpilot review pages was another target, as residents of Swansea and across the world hit back at Bailey and his stance.

Just some of the reviews


Furthermore, tomorrow will see a full demonstration by residents, parents and skateboarders themselves as momentum further gathers against what appears as disgusting behaviour by the car dealer.


Demo call as ‘The People’ fight back

Although, as residents have clearly stated, the actual skateboard park isn’t actually next to his home but quite a way across the road, although Bailey will likely be able to hear the demonstrators above the sound of passing beeping horns as thousands plan to gather.

Ariel Shot Shows The Distance

Demonstrators against the businessman and his actions are set to come from far and wide to the event, from all over the UK.

Skateboarder, Darren Williams from Yeovil Somerset, is one of those travelling to the event.

Williams, who lives on Abbey Manor estate, which ironically houses a skatepark, told Global247news this morning:

“I’m originally from Swansea and will be going with pals from Yeovil, Sherborne, Weymouth and Dorchester to show our support against this jumped up vile man.

“Who on earth does he think he is? – just because he’s got a few quid and lives next door to Bonnie Tyler.

“I don’t think his neighbours will be supportive of him for much longer,” he said.

Tyler, who resides next door, has yet to comment on the dispute despite car horns as we previously reported blasting past her Swansea home, some locals saying that she has spent lockdown at her Portuguese Villa.

Borders are also expected to the event tomorrow from the Midlands; Jamie Wilkins from Kidderminster has organised a group of over 40 skateboarders to go to the event.

Back in Swansea, where Bailey resides, it appears that he’s upset so many residents with his actions, thousands are promising never to purchase cars from him again.

“He may be blowing his gasket, but he’s now put his business under immense pressure.

“Thousands are saying they will never entertain his business operation again, this has really backfired on him, far louder than one of his old bangers,” said Adam Brown.

“He’s brought it all upon himself” he finished.

It certainly doesn’t look like the Ferrari owning businessman will be in pole position come the weekend.




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