White police officers cause anger posing for photo with Black suspect

Mississippi police have caused anger by posing for a photo with a captured Black suspect.

White police officers cause anger posing for photo with Black suspect. The police were armed and had dogs with them in the picture. The photo was taken by officers from the Prentiss Police department after they had captured Eric Boykin who they suspect had robbed a bank.

Boykin was hunted down in woods near the Hancock Bank he was suspected of holding up at gunpoint. A drone was also deployed in the hunt for the robber. Twitter users were quick to comment with one saying “So either 1) none of the people involved, from the officers to the news station to the staffer who posted this, realized what a bad look this is or 2) they do know how it looks, and that’s why they posted it.

Those are the only two possibilities! and they are both very very bad.” This user is a criminal justice system reporter and president of The Appeal.

Boykin was charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm after the picture was taken. Another user said “This isn’t evidence, it’s not proof of anyone’s injuries (or lack thereof). It’s a trophy.” while a third wrote ”I am sitting here in utter disbelief. NO WORDS.”


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