It's a whopper! Woman gives birth to two foot tall boy

A new mum was left in shock after giving birth to a 12lb 9oz baby boy.

It’s a whopper! Woman gives birth to two foot tall boy. She and her husband were amazed as he was measured at two feet tall. Amy Smit and her husband Zak welcomed baby Zagrys into the world on 25th March. Nurses had trouble right from the start as they couldn’t fit him on the scales to weight him. Mum-of-two Amy said that during the birth, via Caesarean section, it took two people to lift him out of her he was so heavy.

As the nurses lifted him up for the couple to see him they couldn’t believe their eyes he was so big. Smit, 27, said “He was so big that it took two people to lift him out. There were all these really small ladies around me, and I heard one of them saying, ‘I need some help, he’s enormous’. When they lifted him above the screen for me and Zac to see, my first words were ‘bloody hell’.

We knew he was going to be a tall baby, because all the scans showed he was quite long, and both Zac and I are around the six-foot mark. But we had no idea he would be that big.” She added that they knew he was going to be big because of the scans and had bought clothes that fit a 3-month-old however none of them fit him.

Discussing her pregnancy with Zagrys, known as Zeik, she said “I just went off food. I never fancied any meals, I couldn’t eat meat or anything.

During my first pregnancy with Lola, I was snacking all day long, I couldn’t stop eating. But with Zeik I just had no appetite. And I just keep thinking, imagine how much bigger he could have been if I had eaten lots!”

She added that 2-year-old Lola is besotted with the newborn and said “Lola always wants to give him cuddles and be with him. She calls him ‘my baby’. Zac has already said he’s going to be a rugby player.

He’s South African so he’s really into his rugby, and with Zeik’s size, he’s already calling him our little rugby player.” The UK’s biggest baby, George Joseph King, was born in February 2013 weighing a whopping 15lb 7ozs.


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