Mark Noble is pondering playing for Non-league outfit Yeovil Town when he finishes next season at West Ham.

West Ham’s captain, Mark Noble, has listened to suggestions to go and play for Non-League Yeovil Town after retiring from Premiership football a the end of next season.

Noble, who has played over 500 appearances for his boyhood club yesterday, announced that he would like to go and play grassroots football after he retires next season. However, now a lifelong West Ham supporter and friend of the player has suggested he turns out for Yeovil Town.

The supporter, who is also a football agent as well as brokering deals of football club purchases, grew up in the market town after moving from London as a child before departing for City life, and now that connection could see Noble play in the famous Green & White of the famous FA Cup giant killers.

According to Paul Mohamed, the first registered football agent in Wales, the unnamed businessman/agent made the move yesterday with the suggestion.

He told Global247news, “Having worked for years all over the world for the businessman and brokered many deals, I can tell you he and Nobes spoke yesterday and made the suggestion.

“Whilst a child and up to 16 years old he used to go and watch the likes of Dickie Plumb, he still watches out for Yeovil’s progress and results every game.

“When Nobes made the statement yesterday, he called him up and made the suggestion; let’s just say I was privy to the call, and Nobes didn’t rule it out.

“They talked at great length about it, and it certainly isn’t out of the question – that’s if the club will allow him to play, of course,” he said.

Yeovil Town, known for their FA cup runs as a non-league club, eventually made good progress into the football league before falling from the Championship and back into non-league football after a disastrous reign of ownership and then what appears to be a sale to a ‘Walter Mitty’ owner according to club supporters.

Appeasing Supporters Before Being Not Heard From For Four Months

A long-life fan of the club said, “We haven’t heard from the current owner in 4 months; he seems to have disappeared!”

“As for Mark Noble, it would be fantastic if it came off; he would be a great asset to help get us out the mire we are in”, he followed with.

The current club chairman, Scott Priestnall, who was hardly known in football circles before the purchase, appeared to soak up the limelight of being the new club owner. However, he appears to have gone underground as the club struggles financially with talk of a bailout with the local council purchasing the ground.

Priestnall took the reigns whilst Director of a company known as the Scott Priestnall Group Ltd, which was dissolved on the 30th of March this year, following on from being a Director of 4 other dissolved companies.

Whether Mark Noble could stomach the politics would probably be another matter!





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