Doncaster Hot Bed For Gun Crime

Increased police presence following firearms incidents in Doncaster

There will be an increased police presence across Doncaster over the weekend and next week as investigations continue into a number of firearms incidents across the town.
DCI Jamie Henderson, leading the investigation, said: “I understand the concern that incidents like the ones we have experienced recently across Doncaster may cause. I know the impact they have on our communities and I want to offer my assurance that there is a robust plan in place to ensure the continued safety of local residents.
“The incidents we have seen happen in recent weeks are all linked and involve people who are known to each other. We strongly believe that they are all connected to organised crime.
“Over the weekend, and in the coming weeks, we will be deploying significant numbers of officers across Doncaster. Their focus is to disrupt organised crime gangs and their activity. We will not tolerate their presence in our borough.
”Neighbourhood officers will continue to work with partners and community representatives, they are also there for you to talk to, share your concerns and offer reassurance that we are taking these incidents extremely seriously.
“In addition, I have a dedicated team of specialist detectives carrying out enquiries, and these investigations are moving quickly. We have already charged one person with attempted murder as part of our investigation into a recent Cantley shooting and have also seized several firearms.
“We are making every effort possible to identify and deal with the people responsible. We have, in recent years, seen encouraging results in our work to tackle violent crime: our multi-agency approach under Operation Fortify continues to yield results.
“If you have doubts, suspicions, or fears about someone you know, there are ways to talk about it. You can call us, on 101, or if that’s difficult, speak to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and you’ll remain completely anonymous, but we will get the information we need to keep people safe.”

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