Brits will be going home by the boatload skint says cafe owner

Cardiff City football fans deserve an apology from the BBC’s Panorama and the Royal family.

As once again the BBC are exposed via their ‘corrupt’ show Panorama as not being factual as well as committing fraud, as well as the Royal family receiving apologies from the BBC there is a list of other contenders who also deserve one after being ‘stitched up’ by the show.

One of those on the list should be Cardiff City supporters and its owner at the time, Mr Sam Hammam.

The show destroyed Cardiff City fans and its then-owner in the early 2000s with untruths.

The programme has once again hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, forcing the BBC to have to make official apologies to members of the Royal family after falsifying bank statements and documents. However, whilst it is again the national spotlight, others feel they deserve an apology, Cardiff City supporters being one of them.

According to club fans under the reign of former owner Sam Hammam, the BBC show faked and exaggerated events.

The BBC show went undercover filming events of the then club owner uniting its fan base, including private fans meetings, although portraying them as thugs and hooligans. In reality, they were just normal football supporters trying to progress their club.

Now one of those supporters, Daniel Hughes from Bridgend, has also written to the BBC to apologise.

Speaking to Global247news this afternoon, he said: ” Once again, the show has been exposed as not being truthful; that was the same for us.

“Cardiff City fans were framed by the show and put in a bad light, as well as the owner; it was fabricated to the hilt.

“If the Royal family are getting an apology, so should we as they fixed the programme as they did, that show is disgraceful and has ruined many lives across the nation, not just Cardiff City.

“I today have written to the BBC for an apology; of course, we won’t get one as we are not Royal, but it still pisses me off how we were framed at the time.” he finished.





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