Lost Italian village "emerges" from lake

An Italian village that has been under water for years has finally emerged.

Lost Italian village “emerges” from lake. According to locals the village of Curon can now be seen due to repair works being undertaken. Curon was submerged in 1950 however it has now been partially drained to allow repair works.

Steps and walls of the village are now clearly on view. The village was flooded to make way for a new hydroelectric plant 70 years ago. Photos of the “emerged” village have been shared to social media.

Luisa Azzolini took photos of the village under Lake Resia, near the Austrian/Swiss border. She said “The remains of the ancient village of Curon have resurfaced! A strange feeling to be walking on the rubble of the houses.”

Before repair works on the plant started all that could be seen of Curon was the 14th century church spire protruding from the lake. The village was even portrayed in the Netflix drama Curon.

After authorities decided to flood it residents were up in arms.

Some moved to a new village nearby while others were left homeless. This is the first time the village has been revealed since the flooding.

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