Swansea House Breaker Simon Cairns Couldn't remember his 18th job

A Prolific burglar’ cannot remember breaking into his 18th house – nor understand why he stole a bottle of milk.

Simon Cairns from Swansea was tracked down thanks to blood he left on an ornament at the scene.
Judge Paul Thomas QC described Cairns as a “prolific burglar” who had been convicted of 17 house burglaries in the last 18 years.
He said the “real evil” of domestic burglaries was not the value of any items taken but the feelings of loss of privacy and security suffered by the victims and their sense that their home had been invaded.
He said courts had a duty to try to deter people from offending, but where that did not work – as in the case of Cairns – the courts could ensure they were in prison and unable to re-offend.
Giving the defendant the required one-third discount for his guilty plea, the judge sentenced him to four years in prison.
Cairns will serve up to half that period in custody before being released on licence under the UK government’s early release scheme to serve the remainder in the community.

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