The British public should stop thinking about going on holiday abroad in 2021

According to a group of seasoned travellers, British residents should stop thinking about a foreign holiday this year.

Known as the Taffy Wilburys, the group of middle-aged men normally spend each year visiting at least 15 different countries ranging from sunny holiday destinations to the far reaches of eastern Europe.

The group calls for Brits to totally forget going abroad in 2021, having cancelled all plans themselves until 2022.

The seasoned travellers who have covered most of the world cite many reasons for their views.

Traveller Andy On One Of His Many Trips

In Crete, Andrew Parsells, who ironically spent Britain’s lockdown, says that Brits should simply forget about European travel.

“I read the holiday groups on social media and see people desperate for a European holiday, for their mental health, with the market, stop-start, stop-start, they are better off just planning for 2022, constantly craving a European holiday.

“If you do get away, you will face far too many restrictions that you won’t enjoy anyway; my advice for peoples sanity forget this year and focus on next; otherwise, you will waste your money and drive yourself crazy.

“Have a staycation; I’m going to Cornwall myself to explore what we have on our doorstep”, he finished.

Parsells already enjoying a staycation in Bridport Dorset

Member Andy Simmons holds a different view whilst agreeing with his normal travel partner.

“Having travelled to both Spain & Portugal regularly during the pandemic, I can tell you it’s not the place it used to be, and many holidaymakers will end up being disappointed and not get their money’s worth.

Andy travelling with club member Chris Jacob

“Spain is probably the most affected country; I went 4 times last year; it’s pitiful to see its collapse.

“Of course it will recover, but it is going to take time; I see folk clammering to get back to regular favourite destinations, but those places will have changed a lot, many business favourites having gone bust or packed up, its best to wait for the recovery of the area’s and plan for 2022, that’s what we are all doing.”

Chris Jacob, one of the younger members of the travel group, feels supporting the UK economy firstly is the priority, he tells:

“Let’s remember thousands upon thousands of our own nationals have suffered very badly in the hospitality industry, as well as agreeing with the two Andy’s to their points, my main focus being a proud Brit is to support our country first,” said the British Tax Inspector.

“Naturally, I have sympathy for British owned businesses abroad, especially bar owners and the like, although this should be the year of support for our own nationals, our group will cover the UK this year, we have already done Dorset, and it will be Devon and Cornwall next before heading up to the Lake District.

“The UK has some of the most beautiful destinations, although when they are on your doorstep, you tend to forget about them.

“I won’t this year step out of the UK and wait until 2022 before venturing out again”, he stated.

Although one member can’t go anyway, cynic Steven Thomas, who has refused to be vaccinated, told his plans and thoughts.

Cynic Steven Thomas

“I won’t leave the UK until all this pandemic farce is finished; we are being treated like sheep; I probably can’t go anyway because I have not been vaccinated.

“What’s being rammed down our throats is media propaganda. The government just wants to try and save the airlines with all their hype; I watch the travel groups and people begging to get away; they are getting ripped off and looking at the prices. Also, refunds are very slow, if at all if it were any other industry, it would get hammered not paying honest customers back.

“Boris is fooling his own people, hyping up possibilities trying to assist the travel industry and keep the cash flowing as he doesn’t want to be bailing out airlines, they should be treated like any other business, you don’t see Boris bailing out, say “Pete’s Bun Shop.”

“I’m in full agreement with the member’s vote of staying at home,” said the former nuclear scientist.

Thomas with other members in the Welsh Hills

“Technically I have spent all the lockdown in the Welsh hills, truthfully I have broken every lockdown regulation, I’m safer in the hills anyway, we should never have been in a lockdown in the first place, it would never have happened if the government had not been so greedy and closed the borders at the right time when the crisis broke out in China.

“All those in the travel groups constantly bitching and groaning should take a head wobble.

“Our plans to stay in the UK is the correct one, only one member voted against and that’s normally because he comes back with a foreign bird!” he laughed.

“During the lockdown I led many people who were against the lockdown, exploring Wales, I even took a Romanian Gypsy to the top of the Brecon Beacons, he had the time of his life.

“Forget Europe this year do as we are, you can always go next year!” he finished.





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