Returning Expats From Spain Delighted To Be Home Apart From Prices Of Beer

Expats returning home from Spain are delighted apart from the prices of beer.

As British ex-pats flood back to the UK shores after exile in Spain, some for many years, they appear to be delighted apart from the price of beer.

Beer prices have shocked ex-pats on their return to Britain from Spain.

Having arrived back to the UK in seek of employment as the tourist market crashes in Spain as well as new Brexit regulations, ex-pats are enjoying being back in their own country after years sizzling in the Spanish sun.

Although they are astonished at the current UK beer prices, despite being delighted to be home.

Kevin Davies, who ran a bar in Spain’s Benidorm region, told Global247news of his life in the sun in Spain and why he’s delighted to be back in Cardiff.

“It’s fantastic to be back in God’s Country; I hadn’t realised how much I had missed it”, he revealed.

Davies explained how life in Spain changed dramatically due to the pandemic and how he had to close his business,  he said:

“The last year was torture, especially the lockdown period; it’s been a breeze here compared to Spain; over here, we were literally banged up in our apartments unless going to the nearest shop.

“The area’s of the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol has become desolate, and so many people are really struggling financially.

“It’s unfortunate to see so many people having to use the likes of food banks; the Country has been smashed hard.

“Running a business in Spain is no jolly at the best of times; they say it’s the third hardest country in the world to trade and can assure you that it is, but he pandemic finished off stacks of British owned businesses and still is, I doubt there will be hardly any left unless they don’t sort themselves out.

” Coming back to Cardiff after 8 years has been an eye-opener; I see now what I have missed, but the price of a pint is a shocker”, he laughed.

“If I could have got these prices in Benidorm, I’d be a millionaire”, he chuckled.

“I was selling Amstel at the end for under 2 euros – they want nearly a fiver here!

“But apart from the beer prices, it’s great to be home; I didn’t realise what I had been missing out on,” he finished.

It’s reported over 46,000 British Nationals to have returned from Spain in the last 5 months.

More are also set to return as the employment sector battered for British wants to be workers in Spain.

“There’s no work at all,” reports Russell Treeby ” And I tell you what, Spain is no paradise unless you are flush, it can be a hard slog, all it really has now is the weather; it doesn’t have much else, well apart from cheap beer.

“Although it’s cheap for a reason, it’s crap really; British ales are much finer apart from the price.” he ended.

Another delighted returner, Mick Duke, coming home to Weston Super Mare tells: ” Spain’s not got a lot really apart from cheap ale, Brexit brought me back and I’m glad it brought me to my senses really.

“Apart from sun and cheap ales, Spain doesn’t have a lot after the novelty wears off, in reality, it has better weather and cheap beer, they are the only positives whilst there are many negatives.

“Most younger Brits are heading home now, it’s only the old wrinkles that will be left after the tourism collapse this year, which follows on of course from last year”  he summed up.




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