Florida fisherman nearly becomes catch of the day

A fisherman from Florida quit as an alligator emerged from the water.

Florida fisherman nearly becomes catch of the day. In footage posted to YouTube Tommy Lee, 22, can be seen fishing on Saturday in the Everglades when the monster appeared from the water.

You can hear him say “Oh, Jesus Christ,” as the alligator approaches him. Making matters worse Lee started to run but fell over.

However it was Lee’s lucky day as the gator returned to the water. After the terrifying incident Lee gave up fishing for the day, saying “And I am out of here, screw that.”

During the mating season alligators are spotted more frequently and Lee said it was about 11 feet long. Florida Fish and Wildlife warn people to be vigilant for themselves and pets as they are present anywhere there is water.

Gatorland’s Savannah Boan said “First of all, you need to watch every body of water, your bathtub, your swimming pool, your backyard pond, your mud puddles that your kids play in, anywhere an alligator can be found right now, because alligators are on the run, especially the smaller ones that are easier to hide.

The big bull alligators are pushing all the little ones out because they want all the ladies to themselves.” Fishermen are also being urged to be on the look out for the frisky reptiles.

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