SHEFFIELD UNITED star Oli McBurnie has been arrested after a video of him allegedly punching a man in a street bust-up went viral.

The £20million ace, 24, appeared to march up to the man as he videos him on his phone.

The striker was held by officers from North Yorkshire Police after insurance broker Elliott Wright, 21, reported the incident.

The Leeds United fan had been with friends on Saturday evening when he spotted McBurnie arguing with a girl in the street.

He told him to calm down – and then poked fun at him for his team getting relegated to the Championship.

Bearded McBurnie, wearing trainers and a tracksuit top and bottoms, was seen in the video allegedly striding towards Elliott, knocking the phone to the ground and stamping on it before allegedly assaulting him.

The 24-second film – which has been viewed more than a million times – then shows him allegedly kneeing and punching Elliott, who was left with a swollen black eye and cut to his face.

The situation has left Cardiff City fans rejoicing as they have been warning the public of his anti-social behaviour for years.

Gareth Hughes, from Newport, a die-hard Cardiff City fan, said: “It’s been on the cards for years, ever since we caught him at a Swansea V Cardiff derby on camera.

Taunting City Fans

“He watched the game with other Swansea City hooligans making death threats to Cardiff fans.

“I have been warning the world about him on Twitter. Hopefully, they now lock him up and throw away the key; he’s vermin.”


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