Blackwood Drunk Driver Ronan Bishop Left Victim Wheelchair Bound With Crippling Injuries

Blackwood drunk driver Ronan Bishop Jailed For Just 2 Years

A young woman was left with a broken neck when a drunk driver crashed his car following a booze-up at a pub where he took cocaine and ketamine.
Behind the wheel was Ronan Bishop, 23, who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and did not have a driving licence, as well as no insurance.
The collision took place shortly after Bishop had left the Valley Tavern pub in Blackwood where he had befriended Ms Brown’s neighbour who let him drive her black BMW to pick up cans of lager from a petrol station.
An examination of the BMW showed no faults with the vehicle and concluded it was travelling in excess of 57mph at the time of the collision, almost twice the speed limit of 30mph.
Bishop was sentenced to two years imprisonment and was disqualified from driving for four years upon his release.

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