Spain's SHIPPING HELL as container ships thrown into lockdown at Valencia Port

Container ships are finding themselves locked down as they arrive in Spain with COVID infected crews.

Spain’s ports in Valencia had to react quickly when container ship skippers radioed ahead to report infected crew members.

Portside chiefs immediately ordered sanitary protocol and directed the vessels to isolated safe docking points in the ports.

The shipping lockdown measure allows medics on board to both treat the crew members suffering from the effects of Covid and test all crew members.

Both ships crews will remain on board whilst the large vessels remain docked until given a clean bill of health for further transit.

The two infected that had started their voyage in the Far East had already visited both Barcelona and Cadiz unloading cargo.

The shipping quarantine area, normally reserved for cruise ships at this time of year, is now under the watchful eyes of the coast guard and national police.

Its expected both vessels will remain docked in the quarantine port sectors for at least 10 days, although they will not be released until all Covid infection has been removed from the two vessels.

Spain was one of the worst affected pandemic countries in Europe, and the county is battling to get back to normality.

One of the large fears is that Valencia port is one of the main routes to Spain’s holiday islands, such as Mallorca, which sees regular ferry crossings from the mainland, both commercial and public crossings.

Mallorca itself needing the supply artery but, at the same time, having been decimated to a grinding halt due to Covid.




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