Solicitor Appeal As Dog On DEATH ROW in Wales

A Husky Dog has 14 days left before it’s executed in South Wales unless a new owner is found.

Solicitors are now appealing for a new responsible owner for a husky dog that will be put to sleep unless someone comes forward to offer a new home.

Rocco, the Husky, was removed from its previous owner, who was regarded as not responsible enough to maintain him after getting into a fight with another dog and biting the owner.

Time is now running out for Rosco as he only has fourteen days left, or else he will be put to sleep.

According to sources, Rosco, despite his reputation, is a loveable animal who needs training and to be mastered by a loving owner.

If you feel you have those time and skills and would like to save Rosco from death row, Email DW Harris & Co solicitors in Swansea:





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