GLOBAL’S best beer garden award has gone to the Penny Farthing public house in Llantrisant South Wales

As readers have been aware, Global247news set about finding the best beer garden across  South Wales & The West.

Engaging 15 different families and sending them out around open pub gardens all across South Wales and the South West over this Bank Holiday weekend, the final results were received by the judging families last night.

After a day of touring beer gardens, the select panel of judges had a unanimous winner – The Penny Farthing In Llantrisant.

The panel found the public house to have a list of winning features.

A newly created central bar, a wide selection of drinks ranging from Wiltshire traditional ales to the latest younger audience fashion drinks, brand new plentiful seating arrangements, flowers in all corners, and a troupe of glamourous bar assistants plying the drinks to waiting customers at a rapid rate.

The full package saw three judges, Jacob Tucker, Rhys Morgan and Linsey Lewis, to establish a full scorecard of 20/20.

Judges Tucker & Morgan beside the central bar at The Penny Farthing

A score beating its nearest rival in Weymouth ‘The Red Lion.’

The Red Lion having scored 16/20 whilst in third place, followed by Tamburino’s in Yeovil Somerset hitting 15 points.

Judges Yasmin King, Andy Conduit and Daniel King, frequent pub-goers normally associated with Somerset pubs, thought The Penny farthing deserved the victory after viewing videos from the Welsh establishment and agreeing it beat their top-scoring. ‘The Red Lion.’

Hardened drinker Yasmin judging Weymouth’s Red Lion

Judge Pete Downes and his party who toured Somerset whilst finding Tamburino’s the highest on their scorecard were also in agreement the Welsh pub won it.

Pete Downes Out In Yeovil Sampling Pubs Whilst Point Scoring

Downes admitted: “After studying the panel’s videos from Wales, I had to agree with the panels point-scoring over the bridge.

“It looked sheer quality, whilst Tamberino’s in Yeovil had taken full advantage of public street space very well, we could see the extensive work and cost applied to The Penny Farthing on its internal facilities, especially the central bar serving cocktails.

“I thought we were sat at the winner in the sun on Sunday, until seeing The Penny Farthing, although I think Yasmin King must have been under the influence scoring ‘The Red Lion” above us. It looked ok, but I think favouritism or maybe bribery could have taken place; knowing Yasmin as I do for the last 45 years, she’s very open to a free drink!” he laughed.

Downes, known for his kiti cat pasties and pizza hot oven baking demonstrations on social media, added, “All in all, it was a fair result.”

Back in Wales, Global247news spoke with the winner, glamourous landlady Jodie Emery.

Glamour Queen Jodie Emery Winner Of Global Award

Jodie said: ” We accept this award with great honour and pride; I dedicate it to my wonderful staff who have worked so hard to prepare for the pub reopening.

Molly Hill Awaits Another Cocktail

“We knew we had to go the extra mile to give customers the finest whilst they have to sit outside.

“Everything is new from the pagodas to the central bar whilst the service is the key, we work on a full table service offering a 3-minute maximum waiting time.

“Even when we are packed out, we have been achieving that level of service; our customers are essential to us.

“Sunday was extremely busy as we were also offering our roast dinner Sunday lunches as well as serving Bank Holiday weekend drinkers, but it’s great to be reopened again and seeing all our locals as well as new faces.” she finished before going back to serving clients.

Jodie, who leads from the front, setting a fine example to her team, certainly appears to be impressing her customers.

The final word came from Gareth Thomas, the 55-year-old who said, “What more could you ask for, sexy waitresses serving great ales in an idyllic setting – well deserved winners.”









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