Eastenders star "too scared" to speak out about Noel Clarke

Eastenders star James Alexandrou said he was “too scared” to speak out about Noel Clarke.

Eastenders star “too scared” to speak out about Noel Clarke.

It follows the allegations that Noel Clarke sexually harassed more than twenty women.

Alexandrou, who played the former Martin Fowler on the BBC soap, said that he knew the situation and now regrets being too scared to speak up about Clarke.

He took to Twitter to say “Noel Clarke had too many of us scared for too long. I genuinely feel ashamed I didn’t do more to stand up for friends of mine he hurt. Innocent until proven guilty, but this was long overdue.”

Clarke has strenuously denied the allegations made against him although he has said he will seek “professional help” to better educate himself on the way he behaves.

He has had his BAFTA for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award removed and been suspended by them. BAFTA apparently knew of the allegations before he was given the award but had no solid proof of any wrongdoing.

Clarke’s drama, Viewpoint, was pulled by ITV last Friday meaning the final episode was not shown. They also removed it from the ITV Hub yesterday.


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