Calls To BAN Racist Lee Gunner From Spain's Calahonda Costa del Sol And Banish Him From Spain

Expats in Spain are calling for action to both ban and banish Lee Gunner from Spain for racism.

Lee Gunner, who bases himself in Spain’s Calahonda on the Costa del Sol, is facing calls to ban his Youtube show from being broadcast and banning him from residing in Spain.

Leading the campaign is Adam Brown, who also presents a show from Marbella.

Brown is flabbergasted to how the Arsenal supporter can be allowed to profit on the back of racism, whilst the sport itself is trying to clean up its racist image.

It’s reported Gunner affords his Spanish lifestyle on the Costa del Sol by making profits in the region of £5,000 per month with his racist football show broadcast on Youtube.

Now Brown, a former councillor and politician before moving to Spain, wants to see rid of the Arsenal racist presenter.

Brown contacted Global247news Spanish newsdesk to say:

“He’s a disgrace to Britain and a disgrace to society, let alone football; he certainly should never be allowed here in Spain; he should be banished from the country.

“At the same time, Youtube, which Google owns, should be banning him also, this material and behaviour are that of a caveman with a 70’s mentality, and I urge everyone to report him.”

Brown has now gone onto make his own show appearance from Marbella denouncing and providing evidence of the extreme racism.

It comes in the same week that sporting organisations have delivered a media blackout in a bid to rinse racism and abuse from platforms.




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