God fearing Christian Village angered by erotica

Locals in a “God fearing” Christian village have been angered by some erotic novels.

God fearing Christian Village angered by erotica. The books were left in the village’s book exchange case of the community library.

It has left locals hot and bothered. One angry resident of Cornholme near Todmorden, West Yorkshire, even left a note on the case saying ‘Whoever is placing the copy’s of pornographic literature in here, stop!

Cornholme is a God-fearing Christian village.’ Knocking the nearby town of Hebden Bridge they went on to say “If this filth is to your liking may we suggest that you move to the cesspit that is Hebden Bridge.”

Afterwards, one joker went online to say “liking the sound of Hebden Bridge” while another added that they loved the “cesspit of Hebden Bridge.”

Later, Josh Fenton-Glynn, Hebden Bridge councillor, said he didn’t take offense at the posts, instead he saw it as a positive for his town.

He added his own tweet saying “As a Hebden Bridge councillor I’d like to thank the people of Cornholme for help with our marketing campaign.

Please check out our local independent shops. If the Cess gets too much we have a soap shop! Cornholmes also lovely, what it lacks in Cess it makes up for in nice pubs.”

The note has now been removed from the book exchange box.

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