Flight and holiday bookings soar after roadmap plans released

UK pricing for PCR tests will be lowered to just £45.99, creating positive news for the tourism industry to Spain.

The British Government will announce the new pricing structure around the 17th of May in combination with which countries will be under the UK’s green light system.

As previously reported, Spain will be given the green light according to our sources with Whitehall.

The same Whitehall source also revealed that the government was working on PCR testing costs for the British public.

Now we can reveal that ministers have agreed with suppliers of PCR testing equipment to lower the retail price to £45.99.

Returning to Cardiff last night, our insider at Whitehall said:

“It’s been a big week of negotiations with PCR test suppliers, although we have finally reached verbal agreements.

“The Government is working very hard to reboot the tourism industry and fully acknowledges that PCR testing is too expensive for that average family wishing to participate in a European holiday.

“We highlighted the fact to the suppliers, PCR tests will ramp up in sales when we place holidaying countries under the green light system and thus will have a far higher turnover of product.

“Also, we held discussions of supply for when sales and supply ramp up, to ensure there are no shortages.

“The Government has been fully understanding that costs were too high all along, although to get the pricing reduced, the timing had to be correct to discuss with testing suppliers, we have ensured them of extra volumes to follow, and they have agreed to lower the costs to the British holidaymakers.”

This morning, travel agents were delighted by the news; travel agent Neil Mitchell speaking to Global247news this morning, said: “This is fantastic news, and all makes perfect sense, it’s been obvious from the outset PCR testing prices were too high for families wish to go on holiday, as I said before bookings are climbing, but the test costs have been ‘A sales prevention officer.’

“Once the official announcement comes from number 10, sales will rocket as many potential customers are holding back,” he said.

The news has been welcomed by Brit’s in Spain who operate businesses and rely on tourism from the UK.

Mark Sutherland from the iconic Luna Bar in Los Boliches, upon hearing the news, said: “It’s music to our ears, at last, common sense seems to be prevailing and shortly we can get back to trading properly, we are here ready and waiting for British customers to ensure they have a fantastic safe holiday”






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