Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca tourism trade to reboot In June

Tourism trade on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca is set to reboot back into business in June.

As previously revealed first by Global247news, Spain’s tourism trade, with its largest holidaying nation – The UK – is about to reboot.

With Whitehall ministers already revealing that Spain will be given the green light for UK holidaymakers, now Spanish ministers are targeting the end of May/June.

Now a UK government spokesperson has announced: ‘Ensuring free and open travel with our European partners is vitally important which is why we will be engaging the European commission on reopening travel routes from the UK shortly.’

Meanwhile, Spanish ministers appear to be in agreement,

Revealing Spain was throwing open its beaches, tourism minister Fernando Valdes Verelst said: ‘June will be the start of the recovery of tourism in Spain. By then, we will have a digital vaccination certificate in place and we will be able to reopen our borders.’

He said Spain was pushing for the UK’s digital vaccine passport to be ‘mutually recognised’ and that he welcomed Boris Johnson’s plans to restart international travel.

Speaking at the World Travel and Tourism Council in Mexico, he added: ‘Because of the progress in our vaccine rollout with 22 per cent of our population has had their first dose already, we expect by June to be at the green light.

‘We are having close conversations with UK authorities and we are exchanging information on Spain’s digital system and the trial happening at our airports in May.’

Speaking exclusively this morning at 05.20 at Cardiff train station to  a Whitehall insider spoke with Global247news, as he prepared to board the first train to London, he revealed:

“As I told you before, travel to Spain for holidaymakers will be permitted in May from the UK, we are also looking at getting costs reduced for any PCR testing, which is a big issue for holidaymakers.

“The tourism and aviation industry is dependent on us getting holidaymakers away.

“Spain is always the largest destination for the British holidaymakers, talks between us and the Spanish government are well on track.”

Questioned if the government were aware of the thousands of British Nationals in Spain dependent on tourism for their business, he replied:

“We most certainly are aware of the situation and how tough business has been, we are doing our utmost to get tourists back to them whilst at the same time ensuring Britain remains safe.”

Touching on the subject of PCR test costs, that may prevent holidaymakers from booking foreign holidays, he said:

“We have been under pressure from the tourism sector over this matter, we fully understand the situation and have done for months, we are working all possible angles to ensure these tests don’t prevent travel, our target as it has always been being for safe travel and when the time is right to make it as affordable as possible for all UK residents – we are now approaching that time zone and announcements will be made in due course” he finished.

The news will be a huge welcome relief to both holidaymakers missing their visits to Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Also, the revealing news has been welcomed by British traders of bars and restaurants across Spain’s coasts.

Mark Sutherland upon hearing the details first from Global247news, said:

“Thank you for letting me know first, this is fantastic information as usual and just what we needed to hear, we have been battling on for over a year now to stay in business, just like everyone else, and this is the news we wanted to hear”

Meanwhile, his wife Barbara who assists her husband run the iconic ‘Luna Bar’ on Fuengirola seafront said:

“This is the best news we have had in a long time, it was worth waking up early to hear”

Whilst the Sutherland’s are delighted, the same feeling is expected to run through the veins of the majority of business owners across Spain as the brakes are finally lifted on tourism.

Mark ‘King Of The Fish’ Sutherland From The Iconic Luna Bar In Fuengirola Delighted At The News.



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