South Wales Fire Service report over 80 fires was started deliberately on the weekend

The Fire Services in South Wales have reported that arsonists struck over 80 times on the weekend.

In the South Wales area alone the emergency services received over 500 calls reporting mountain fires.

One of many weekend fires

The Fire Service stating that at least 80 of the fires were started deliberately.

Fire crews spent the weekend tackling fires far and wide from the Rhondda all the way to Swansea.

Caerphilly was also another region hit by arsonists.

At some large fires, they came very close to housing causing thousands of residents concerns for their homes.

It’s reported much natural wildlife and animals were destroyed by the blazes.

An officer speaking to Global247news this morning described the scenes and devastation whilst slamming the arsonists, he said:

“The wildlife destroyed was horrendous, we had animals such as rabbits, scorched alive as well as birds and other animals who couldn’t escape.

“In Porth alone, we collected over 100 dead rabbits off the mountains.

“These idiots who start these fires need stringing up, they need to face the full force of the law.

“They know exactly what they are doing whilst seeking attention as news stations report the fires.

“It’s quite sick, not only are they killing wildlife they are risking firemen on duty as well as potential human life” he raged.

The police are appealing for known firestarters to be reported.

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