British Expat claims self-proclaimed success regards PCR test costs in the UK

British immigrant in Spain, publicity-seeking, Michel Euesden, has once again taken to her website to claim success.

The self-proclaimed success is that she had a reply letter from an understudy at the British Government.

Euesden, courted publicity by publically announcing she had written to the British Government Minister Grant Shapps.

She wrote requesting that ex-pats in Spain be given priority and a reduction in PCR test costs, asking for them to be capped for those British Nationals residing in Spain.

Whilst causing outrage in the UK, that saw thousands upon thousands of British residents fuming with the audacity of Euesden, she set about organising a petition for ex-pats to sign in agreement.

Euesden played on the ‘heart strings’ of saying she was concerned that ex-pats in Spain couldn’t afford to fly home and see loved ones.

Although, the petition only received a paltry 229 signatures in total.

Out of the 229 signatures, many are residents in Britain, expressing political views only and others staff of Michel Euesden such as number 70, one of many.

It’s estimated that 400,000 British nationals are residing in Spain. Michel Euesden’s newspaper also self proclaims it’s read by 500,000 people per week.

Deducting both the staff of the EWN newspaper and the Brits on the petition residing in the UK,  out of those 500,000 readers claimed, only 114 signatures were collected by British Nationals living in Spain.

Meanwhile Global247news, without courting any self-publicity or requesting comments on the subject, received in excess of 2,300 comments against the thought of British ex-pats being given priority. Many ex-pats who believed they should not be given priority.

Despite the paltry numbers signing her petition, Euesden took to her website to claim success after receiving a reply letter from the government understudy, Robert Courts -Under-Secretary of State for Transport since 2020.

Euesden and her newspaper took to the companies website to announce it as: “EXCLUSIVE Success For EWN’s PCR Campaign After Government Announces Plans For Cheaper Tests” along with a picture of the self-publicist and her husband, heading the article.

The letter from the understudy was published to read as:

“I am sorry to hear that the cost of PCR tests has caused concern for the readers of your newspaper.”

He added: “The Government recognises… that the cost of these tests can be high.

“We will work with the travel industry and private testing providers ahead of international travel reopening to see how we can further reduce the cost of travel for the British public while ensuring travel is as safe as possible.

“This could include cheaper tests being used when holidaymakers return home, as well as whether the government would be able to provide pre-departure tests.”

He also wrote, “Individuals are encouraged to conduct their own research about available providers, the tests they supply and their terms and conditions of sale.”

Although, the letter clearly appeared to be a standard polite reply, rather than a letter confirming success as described by the free newspaper website.

This was backed up by the fact that Grant Shapps himself, had spoken to the British media just four days before outlining he was already looking into cheaper testing.

Ironically the EWN newspaper had reported a story from the Telegraph on the same lines just a few hours before their ‘Exclusive’.

All indications led also to the fact the government were looking at reducing costs for all holidaymakers and travellers, not offering any priority to Brits residing in Spain and certainly not with any priority, as requested by Euesden.

Global247news, speaking to Alun Cairns MP yesterday, in the Vale Of Glamorgan had this confirmed.

The MP said: ” Anyone who writes to the government by way of polite protocol, will receive a reply.

“Yes, the government is looking at the task of reducing costs for all British travellers and potential holidaymakers.

“I have heard nothing in regard to priority to those British Nationals living in Spain.

” The government is receiving numerous letters and emails regards to the costs of PCR testing and is striving to address” he finished.

One ex-pat, Warren, from Feungirola, who refused to sign the petition for priority, this morning told of his delight that any reduced costs would be targeted at holidaymakers and all travellers.

Warren said: “It’s good to see the British government talking about everyone and not just ex-pats here in Spain.

“I didn’t think we should have priority and that’s why myself and what looks like at least 390,000 other ex-pats didn’t.

“The whole campaign was flawed from the start and in my opinion was just another publicity stunt by the Eusedens”

Self-promoting Euesdens

” I don’t think it was ever really about the standard ex-pat not being able to afford to return home, although to us it was embarrassing.”

Further down the coastline, on the Costa Blanca, Mike Mohoney had the same sentiment as he said:

” Of course it should be for everyone, The Euesdens just jumped on it as always for self-publicity, nothing new there, they think they are some kind of celebs when they aren’t – they need to wake up and smell the coffee to the fact they flog adverts in a free newspaper.

“I’ve worked for them, they only think of themselves that’s for sure, egos bigger than a Mike Tyson punch – speak to any ex-employee and they will tell you the same and probably more”

” 229 signatures says it all” he laughed, ” Success my Ar..” he finished.













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