Stay away from Indian Variant infection areas say government

Spanish police have arrested a man thought to have infected 22 people with COVID.

Spanish man infects workmates intentionally. The man, who is 40, is accused of continuing to go to work and the gym despite having a temperature of 104F and a cough.

It is alleged that he pulled his mask down and told work colleagues he was going to infect them.

He is also said to have coughed at them. Spanish police confirmed that five of his workmates tested positive for COVID along with three members of his gym.

Other members of the man’s family were also infected, including three small children.

Although he did take a PCR test he went to work the following day before getting the results.

He had refused to go home from work in the town of Manacor, Majorca even thought he had symptoms for a few days.

Police said that workmates told him to go home but he refused.

He would pull his mask down and cough at them, saying “I’m going to infect you all with coronavirus.” Although his positive COVID test alarmed work colleagues, fortunately none of them became seriously ill. Police are continuing their investigations.

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