Woman leaves out bleach with a straw in for toddler to drink

A court has heard a woman left out bleach for her toddler to drink.

Woman leaves out bleach with a straw in for toddler to drink. The woman, in her 20’s, apparently “resented being a mum”.

The 3-year-old boy also had injuries inflicted by his mother. After appearing in court this week the judge spared her a custodial sentence so that she could get help for a personality disorder that has been recently diagnosed.

Social workers along with hospital staff found more than 80 bruises on the little boy’s body. The mother blamed the injuries on her partner initially however she went on to admit to causing them herself.

She cannot be named publicly so as to protect the identity of her son. She admitted to police that she left a bottle of bleach out with a straw in it hoping the toddler would drink it. As she was sentenced on Thursday the court heard details of her abuse.

The abuse only came to light when her boyfriend’s mother confronted her about the toddler’s bruising.

She said she was only guilty of “keeping an eye on him” and that he had fallen over. Suspicious, the boyfriend’s mother called social services who paid the woman a visit the following day.

The court heard how they were “shocked” by the toddlers condition. They said it was one of the worst cases of abuse they had seen. Doctors at the hospital found bruising on his arms, legs and head.

After the hospital visit the boy was placed into care. The woman admitted to neglect over a four-month period. She also said she resented being a mum and did not want the child.

Judge Penelope Belcher spoke at the hearing to say she would not send the woman to prison so that her disorder could be dealt with.

She added “This would not be available for a short custodial sentence and the work would not be done. That is why it is in the public interest.”

Speaking to the defendant she said “If you had another child social services would be all over this and you might find that the child would be removed.” The woman was also handed a six month curfew order.

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