It's Not Generate it's Gener8 As Millions Flood Google To Take Benefit And Earn

Millions flood the internet searching for Generate when it’s Gener8 after Dragon Den appearance

On the programme, entrepreneur Sam Jones put forward the offer of a £60,000 investment for 10% equity in his business Gener8, a company that allows people to earn points when their data is tracked online through cookies.

The pitch was an absolute ‘smash’ and as the product was revealed to the public, millions hit the Internet in search.

Although the show hadn’t clearly provided the full name of the brand, leaving potential customers baffled whilst searching.

Two Dragons, Suleyman & Jones, fought the panel of Dragons for a slice of the business, with the pair taking a 5% share each.

Jones, who wanted all the ten per cent offered, was straight in offering all the money and not even wanting to negotiate the percentage, although ended up sharing with Suleyman after he offered as well as his funds, free office space.

As millions of UK based watchers dived into their computer devices, hearing upon how they can make money by switching browsers, they were left baffled by searching’ Generate’ when the actual search term is Gener8.

Although it’s reported from Internet experts that millions have already signed up.

Darren James an Internet guru, speaking to Global247news this morning said:

“It’s the best thing I have seen since the invention of the search engine – users can actually make money by switching their browser to Genr8.

“It’s going to make billions and I would imagine it will see Google snap up the company themselves.”






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