MASSIVE backlog for driving tests in Wales As Traffic Cops issue Warning

Massive backlog in Wales as test centres go back to work

Driving test centres across Wales are now back to work.

Whilst learner drivers wish to pass their test and find freedom on the roads, they face a massive backlog.

For some learner drivers, the wait for a test is over as they resume in parts of the UK – but many have spoken about the difficulties in securing a test date.
Tests have been suspended due to Covid restrictions since January, but restart in England and Wales on Thursday.
Most centres are currently booked up until August, with a backlog of around 420,000 tests because of the pandemic.
Frustration is now setting in for Welsh learners who are ready to take their test.
“I can’t get a test until August the 29th, I’ve been waiting since December,” said Amy Richards from Talbot Green.
“Why can’t they put more examiners on? – surely there’s been time to train more during lockdown?” she questioned.
Although a driving instructor in Church village posed with the question whilst speaking to Global247news, said:
” Sadly it takes a long time and several years on times to become a qualified examiner.
” It’s not a role that you can just jump into because of a backlog I’m afraid.
” The advice I am giving my students is just kept trying to get a cancellation although unfortunately there will many others trying exactly the same” he advised.
Meanwhile, traffic cops based in Gwaeold Y Garth in the South Wales Police traffic division are warning ‘learners’ not to decide to take to the road before passing the official test.
An officer told Global247news last night in Pentyrch whilst on patrol:
” There is a higher rate of arrests of drivers on the road driving solely on a provisional license.
“This is down to the frustration of not being able to get a test in many instances.
“We urge all new drivers, not to take the risk and be patient, getting caught now, will see a further wait if you get banned” he warned.

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