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A football fan died from choking after being “force-fed” a chicken kebab.

Drunk football fan died after being force fed kebab by siblings. A court heard he had been asleep on a train at the time of the incident. David Clark collapsed on the train in Silverdale, Cumbria in March 2019.

Paramedics who rushed to the scene removed a large ball of meat from his airway. He was taken to hospital where he died the following day. A post-mortem discovered he had died from choking.

His siblings, Nicole Cavin, 22, and David Noble, 32, have been accused of manslaughter. A temporary court at Preston North End’s Deepdale stadium heard how Clark had boarded the train after enjoying a day out with Jon Waite and the couple had consumed around ten pints each.

The pair had been watching a football match between Farsley Celtic and Lancaster FC. The trial heard that his siblings were already aboard the train having got on at Preston after visiting Blackpool for the day.

When Clark fell asleep they thought it would be funny to force feed him kebab.

Paramedics were called to Silverdale railway station shortly before 9.30pm along with police. Ian Unsworth QC, prosecuting, said “Both defendants are charged with manslaughter.

The prosecution do not say they intended to kill him or even that they intended to cause him really serious bodily harm. We say the force-feeding of Mr Clark in the manner which it happened, on any objective view, was an assault.”

The court also heard from Mr Clark’s widow, Susan, who said he had had an existing problem for a year regarding choking. Mr Unsworth went on to say “We say this is significant. Why? Because we say David Noble, set against that background, clearly knew Mr Clark had a problem with choking but notwithstanding that decided to force-feed him in any event.”

Both defendants have been charged with manslaughter and have pleaded not guilty. The trial continues.


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