Phillip Schofield has a dig at Piers Morgan live on air

When Piers Morgan came up live on This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield couldn’t resist a dig.

Phillip Schofield has a dig at Piers Morgan live on air. During an article on yesterday’s This Morning talking about showbiz news Phillip was discussing comments made by Demi Lovato.

The singer had recently visited a frozen yogurt shop and was talking about the amount of “diet foods” now on sale which is daunting for someone who is recovering from an eating disorder like herself.

The shop, in LA, insisted their foods were for people with dietary requirements and food allergies. Morgan had written in his column for The Mail online that Lovato was “repulsively arrogant”.

Phillip said, as the segment ended, “Well, we know that Piers Morgan weighed in, so it must be serious.”

As crew could be heard laughing in the studio he added “He’s got a lot of time on his hands at the moment, to write about yogurt.” It was in reference to Morgan’s departure from Good Morning Britain.

On that day, when This Morning started, Schofield said to co-presenter Holly Willoughby at the start of the program “Careful what you say today. I may get up and I may storm off! I might get up and go! What a morning, eh?”

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