Hunt continues for the Yeovil flasher as he exposes himself to a man

The hunt is still on for the Yeovil flasher as police search Ninesprings

The police have a heavy presence today in Yeovil’s Country Park, Ninesprings as they continue to search for the Yeovil flasher.

After several reports of indecent exposure by female victims, it appears it’s not just females the flasher gets his sexual motivation from.

A male dog walker, this morning contacted Global247news after being flashed at whilst walking his pets.

The dog walker, who didn’t wish to be named, revealed how he was flashed at by the wanted man at large.

“I was up by the waterfalls this morning early, as it was a glorious start to the day until the ‘flash’.

“I had travelled in from Sherborne with my two labs and was waking by the waterfalls.

” Out of the blue, a portly man jumped out the hedge with his ‘chopper’ in his hand and started waving it around in circles before running off.

“I just burst out laughing, it wasn’t very big or something to be proud of, his penis was shall we say on the very small side.

“My sides were in stitches, never in my life did I ever think that I would get flashed at – I thought these perverts targetted women only?

“I’ll give him one thing, despite having a very small ‘willy’ he’s quick on his toes,” he said as held back his laughter.

Despite the latest victim being provided as he called it ‘comedy gold’ police are taking the matter very seriously and the search continues.

An officer at the park this morning commented: ” The search continues and we ask all members of the public to report any sightings or suspicious activity”




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