USA: Man trapped under ATV survives for two days on beer

A woman has divorced her husband after she spotted a photo of him online.

Woman divorces husband after spotting tiny detail online. In the picture, posted to Facebook, he is not wearing his wedding ring. When she confronted him he gave a pathetic excuse. Tylar Paige saw the offending photograph, taken in a nightclub, on the club’s Facebook page.

She said he was with a group of girls and wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

Tylar asked him about the picture to be told by her now former husband that the club had “photoshopped his ring off”.

She said “It’s the most ridiculous lie I’ve ever been told. I want this to go viral so he knows what an idiot he’s been”.

She ends her video that she posted to social media “They Photoshopped his ring off? Oh, sure they did. We’re divorced.”

Speaking to viewers later on Ms Paige said “After realising he was married to a Photoshop expert, and no nightclub photographer is going to take all that time to Photoshop his ring off, he changes his story.

He tells me that he must have taken his ring off when he washed his hands and forgot to put it back on. Huh, what a convenient time to forget to put your ring back on.”

Viewers were sympathetic to Tylar’s story, with one commenting “My ex-husband’s ring fell off in his Instagram stories from work but somehow he found it and put it back on every day before he walked in the door.”

Another said “My ex was on a dating site… his excuse was it was an old profile and dating sites make the accounts of hot people look active to get more people.” Ms Paige is now young, free and single again.


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