Crafty bride and groom get guests to foot the wedding bill

A bride and groom are facing a backlash for taking advantage of their wedding guests.

Crafty bride and groom get guests to foot the wedding bill. A guest took to Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum to have a go at the crafty pair.

Although the wedding went smoothly it wasn’t long before guests discovered they had foot the bill.

The bride and groom had asked favours of the bridal party that involved buying items but never paid them back.

The guest explained on Reddit “Whenever anyone complimented the bride or groom about how beautiful the wedding was and saying that it ‘must cost a fortune,’ they would graciously thank them and tell them it was surprisingly cheap and that they did a lot of the stuff themselves.

I was having lunch with my friend who was a groomsman. He mentioned how he was really out-of-pocket after the wedding and felt awkward trying to chase up all the money that he had spent.

Throughout the whole planning of the wedding, the bride and groom would delegate tasks for the bridal party to do: order the flowers for the bouquets, order table decorations, buy little bits and pieces.

They wouldn’t give them the money to go and do it.” The bridal party expected to be paid back but that’s not what happened. The guest went on to say “After the wedding, the bride and groom thanked the bridal party for all their help and never mentioned paying anyone back.

“Over the following weeks, the other members of the bridal party asked each other, ‘Hey, did you ever get paid back?’ When they realized that no one had, they calculated that it was a couple of thousand dollars combined that the bridal party had inadvertently paid for the wedding.

A few of them tried to follow up with the bride and groom and they seemed very apologetic that they had completely forgotten.

But when everyone started to list all the things that they had bought, the bride and groom seemed reluctant to pay up.”

Reddit users responded angrily about the couple with one posting “That’s awful. Did the bride and groom get their wedding party gifts?

It wouldn’t make this ok, but it would add to how awful they acted.”

Another said “They absolutely knew what they were doing.” while a third commented “It was intentional. If it had been an accident they would have paid up when brought to their attention.”


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