Plans to put back lockdown easing by two weeks after cases surge

A new study shows the Pfizer jab is successful at reducing emergency hospital admissions.

Hospital admissions reduced by Pfizer vaccination. NHS England said it showed a 75% reduced risk for those who have had the vaccination.

The new study, undertaken by Manchester University alongside the NHS showed that older people are not only less likely to be admitted to hospital but also they are less likely to get a positive test than those who remain unvaccinated.

Data was tested by researchers on 170,000 people. Aged between 80 and 83 and who had received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination.

This was then compared with matching people in the 76 to 79 year old bracket who were yet to get a jab.

Not only were there less admissions but infection rates fell by 55%. Positive Covid-19 tests were 70% lower among those vaccinated. Compared to those who had not received the jab.

Sir Simon Stevens said. “Vaccines are successfully reducing hospitalisations and deaths amongst the cohorts that have had the vaccine. Data that we have analyzed shows a 75% reduction in emergency Covid hospitalisations for the vaccination cohorts. And, as more and more people are vaccinated, that effect will widen.

So, with the next step of the opening process that began on Monday, we obviously have to track very carefully what that means for infection rates. In terms of the vaccination programme, that is going extremely well and it’s a huge credit to everybody involved.”

As of today more than 40 million people have had their first vaccination across the UK. With 8 million having had second doses.

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