An ex-pat charity worker on Spain’s Costa del Sol is departing the country leaving thousands of euros behind

Lauren Adamson has decided to quit Spain and heads back to the UK shortly.

Adamson is known for her extensive charity work in Spain, especially during the pandemic where she organised feeding nearly a thousand people free of charge on Christmas Day.

It wasn’t just about Christmas Day though as she fed those badly affected by the pandemic, it was also the months of preparation beforehand raising the funds to feed nearly a thousand people who would have missed a Christmas lunch.

The extensive fundraising leading up to Christmas saw thousands of euros leftover to which she will hand over to other charities in Spain before her final departure next week.

The charity worker had noticed over Christmas how many single mothers in Spain were seriously struggling.

The plan was to set up a new charity with the leftover funds from the Christmas campaign.

Now, the single mother herself has contacted various charities asking them if they are willing to accept donations.

Speaking exclusively to Global247news this morning, Lauren said:

“As you are the best-read and most informative read on the Coast, I thought I would let you know first, you were fantastic in promoting ‘Caring At Christmas’ for me at the time and giving us the finest coverage – Thank you.

“Can you please let everyone know that the extra funds raised that we didn’t need to use at the time are now to be handed over to several charities before my departure with my son, Lennie.

“As you are aware, I had planned to set up another charity for struggling single mothers on the coast.

“Sadly due to the severe crisis here in Spain, being a single mother, I’m a victim too, there is no work and no support here so I will return with my son Lennie to the UK – we are quite looking forward to it now”

Lauren then went on to tell of her plans:

”  I looked at many places to base myself in the UK and my final choice is Yeovil in Somerset.

“Whilst I’m leaving behind my own ageing mother and father, I have family in Yeovil and it will be nice to have family around whilst I restart my life in the UK.

“It’s a lovely market town with good schools for Lennie in the future – we are both really looking forward to living in the countryside after several years of sea and sand.

“Lennie is already talking about feeding the ducks in Ninesprings, he’s very excited.

Ninesprings in Yeovil

“Once settled in I will be using my degree to find employment and I will also be looking to assist charitable organisations in Somerset, my new home,” she said.

Lauren who has a BA in applied social science, crime and criminal justice, will be looking for a new home first in the Yeovil area, explaining how tough it is to select a home over the internet from Spain.

“I’m going to stay with family first on Abbey Manor Park, I have tried locating a home to rent over the internet but I’ve found it hard work with the local agents in the area being so far away here in Spain.

“Then, once I have achieved that hurdle, I will start looking to becoming a working mum with my degree that I earned at York University.

“Once I have achieved those two personal goals, I will look at further charity work as well – I just love helping others” she finished.

Residents of Spain’s Costa del Sol in the holiday town of Fuengirola are very sad to seeing the departure of Lauren.

Barbara &Mark Sutherland, who operate the famous Luna bar & restaurant were close to tears when talking to us, they said:

” We will desperately miss her and little Lennie, she is a credit to society.

“She always puts others first before herself, despite being a single mother, she’s raised so much and assisted so many, she has been like the female version of ‘Bob Geldof’ here on the Costa del Sol.

“We wish her well in her adventures to Somerset where no doubt she will be a credit to the town just as she has been here for several years”

Lennie swopping sand for green pastures new

The towns fish specialist chef Joanne Woodley said:

” I know I’m going to cry my eyes out when Lauren and Lennie leave next week, I’ve got used to seeing them every day, such a wonderful mother and person.

“Hopefully they will pop back for holidays when they are all settled in Yeovil, I have already said I will play the song she wrote every day so we all remember them.

” Our loss is Yeovil’s gain,” she said tearfully.

The song Woodley refers to is a charity song that Lauren wrote herself and was sung by local ex-pat singers on the Costa del Sol, which helped raise the thousands of euros the charity worker is leaving behind to local charities.


The last word though was from heartbroken Father and Grandfather, Gary Adamson.

Gary, who has been one if not the most popular stars on Channel 4’s ‘ New Life In The Sun’ said:
Gary On ‘New Life In The Sun’


” Next week is going to be the worst day of my life in the Sun, watching my daughter and grandson leave Spain although it’s understandable.

” Spain’s Costa’s are suffering badly and the lack of opportunities have left Lauren no option, I fully understand and it’s going to be gut-wrenching for me,” he told Global247news.

Gary, himself originally from Taunton, the Managing Director of Bars Abroad, went onto add:

“I know she’s making the right choice for both her and Lennie, but she’s left a little legacy here in Spain and something she can always look back on and tell little Lennie all about, she’s helped so many and I am so so proud of her,” he said as he welled, up holding back the tears before making a little appeal,

“If any landlord has a nice little 2 bedroom house in Yeovil, can you please get in touch with me, my email address is it would be fantastic you can, she will make you the perfect tenant” he pleaded.




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