Kidderminster OUTRAGE over fake waterfall turn off

Residents in Kidderminster are outraged that their fake waterfall is not turned on

A fake waterfall in Kidderminster was turned back on by the local council for the first time in 35 years.

It returned to past glory, in tribute to the local people who had died of Covid-19.

Although it wasn’t long before the mean fisted council turned it back off, causing outrage in the midlands town.

So much outrage outpoured a Town Councillor had to turn to social media to quell the storm.

Councillor Tracey Onslow said: “It wouldn’t be environmentally friendly for the waterfall to be switched on permanently”

Although it didn’t quell the complaints, it fuelled them like a 747 jumbo aircraft at Birmingham Airport.

” Who is this daft cow, has she never been to Las Vegas?’ stormed Ian Williams contacting Global247news.

” What a poor excuse, it’s a little trickle of water over Kiddie’s ‘Great Wall’ it’s hardly the bleeding Wall of China,

“Come on she’s having a right laugh, it’s hardly as if its costing money, it’s recycled water for god’s sake and a little electric”

Ian a lifelong supporter of  Kidderminster Harriers has resided in the town for over 45 years and pointed out how previously residents were annoyed when it was turned off 35 years ago.

“Everyone was disappointed back then, very disappointed but as we walked past the ‘ Great Wall’ we had something to tell the Kiddies about

” We were all delighted when it was turned back on but once again the clowns at the council think they know better and ruin it, it’s not as if this town has a lot going for it but the Great Wall is a great feature.” he finished.

It appears the attraction was pulling in visitors to the town, Kate Ridley, being one of them coming in from Birmingham.

She said: ” I got to hear about Kidderminister’s ‘fake’ waterfall being turned on so I went there for the first time in 15 years, not being back since I bought my furniture there at Lawrences on the high street.

“Anyway, I jumped in the car to go and pay tribute and low and behold it was turned off, some tribute that is hey!

“It just shows how much the council there really think of their lost ones, it’s disgusting” she stormed.

Apparently, since the outrage, Kidderminster Town Council has confirmed the waterfall will be turned on every weekend by the end of the month.

So if you want to pay your respects in Kidderminster at the ‘Great Wall’ of the town, you need to visit at weekends only!



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