Net Closing In On Alleged Motorhome Rental Scammers Mark & Gayle Craven

Global’s investigation team are keeping close tabs on motorhome deposit taker Mark Craven

Mark Craven is under strict surveillance after taking thousands in deposits for the hire of his motorhome before departing to the Isle Of Wight.

As previously reported hundreds of customers were dismayed after learning the news that Mark & Gayle Craven, sent out messages stating they had gone out of business.

When customers contacted them, communication channels were down and after visiting their property, it was empty.

Motorhome enthusiasts contacted Global247news in desperation and we sent out our investigation team to track them down.

After a short search, our team located the couple on the Isle Of Wight.

Mark Craven, hearing the team were in search of him and knowing he had been located, contacted our newsdesk with his version of events stating that he intends to pay every customer back he took money from.

We now have one of our surveillance officers on the Island itself to ensure Mr Craven doesn’t try to run from the Island before returning customer funds.

Although it appears that Mr Craven and his family are not intending ‘moving on’ and sticking to their word.

In contact with Mark himself today, he told Global247news:

“I am still trying desperately trying to sort our finances out and be able to start to repay people very soon.

“To that end, below is what I have sent to all that are owed deposits.

” hope that all concerned will please give us the grace to act upon this and have faith in us.”

The email Mr Craven has sent out states:
Dear ,
Firstly apologies in the delay in getting in touch with you,
I have only just been able to reinstate the email address.
I am so sorry for the situation.
We at present are not in a financial position where we can return each individual deposit immediately.
With this in mind, I will be returning the deposits on a date of hire basis.
So people who were due to go out first will receive their refund first.
I will promise that I will have refunded you in full, by the end of June without fail. (if not before).
I am also trying to sell the motorhome, once this happens, all will be refunded immediately.
I hope you can understand the circumstances and once again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Yours sincerely
Mark Craven.
Our investigator has now taken up residence on the Island to ensure Mr Craven carries out his word, whilst also covering news from the Isle Of Wight in the meantime.
Please feel free to contact admin@global247news if you haven’t received correspondence from Mr Craven and so that we can relay it to him directly.

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