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‘Chip &Fly’ could solve transit back and forth to Spain’s Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol

Chipping tourists and swallows who wish to return to Spain is the way forward to save tourism claims a seasoned traveller.

Following on that Pentagon scientists have revealed a microchip placed inside a human body, Andrew Parsells believes it’s the way forward to save Spanish tourism.

The microchip developed by security experts in the USA detects viruses and infections and stops Covid in its tracks.

The device has been created by a team in the US with the thought process of ‘making pandemics a thing of the past’ which detects symptoms before the human body feels them even coming on.

Also at the other end of the spectrum, scanners can be used by both airline staff to detect if passengers are positive of Covid.

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA) in the States has already revealed that the microchip device could stop people unknowingly spreading Covid-19.

Now, seasoned traveller, Mr Parsells has contacted the government to request the microchip be used for holiday purposes and to speed up the tourism trade.

Speaking to Global247news this morning, the seasoned traveller who resides between Taff’s Well and Alicante during normal less restricted times, said:

“I have written to the government to see if we can make advances, from my studies it’s a simple microchip implanted under the skin and is not a tracking system”

Parsells who studied at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, tells how he has spoken to colleagues at the health board and how he feels it could save tourism in both Spain and the UK as well as other parts of Europe, he said:

” This simple microchip could save tourism around the world, let alone just the UK & Spain, although those are the countries close to my heart.

“We have to accept that this virus is never going away now for good, people tend to forget that.

“When you think it through, it’s the turnkey to restart international travel straight away, get chipped and fly.

“Holidaymakers can, of course, monitor it themselves and the likes of hoteliers and bar & restaurant can scan their clients ensuring all public premises are safe.

“It’s a no brainer and my local MP is going to take this up as well as my direct contact with the government.

” Some think I’m a crank with this idea, but stop and think about it, if it’s good enough for the Pentagon it should be good enough for the holidaymakers” he finished.

Parsells At The Research Unit In Cardiff University


Meanwhile, in Spain itself, popular bar & restaurant owner tends to think its a fantastic idea to get tourism restarted.

Mark Sutherland, the proprietor of the iconic Luna Bar on Fuengirola seafront said:

“I would get chipped, no problem at all, it’s just how the future is going to be anyway,

” I would have no issue scanning customers on entry and If it can reboot tourism quicker it’s an all-round win-win for everyone”





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