Yeovil's grottiest pub doesn't reopen as resident says 'turn it into a homeless shelter'

Yeovil’s grottiest public house doesn’t reopen to the cheer of many local residents

The grottiest pub, The William Dampier in Yeovil hasn’t reopened today as it doesn’t have enough outdoor space.

Although the pub’s non-return to opening up you would have thought would have disappointed residents in the market town it appears many are delighted.

Pat Clever speaking outside the pub this morning whilst reading the notice on the door quipped:

“Maybe the regulars can go to the jobcentre instead, I think that’s open”

Whilst as local news station Somerset Live announced the non-opening on their Facebook page, Tommy Watkins commented.

“Turn it into a homeless shelter and get the sh@t hole gone” as he was quickly backed up by Sean Rydon stating “Exactly who gives a rats ass”

Thomas Wass, returning to work for the first time in months on Hounstone Retail park as he opened his local branch of Oak Furniture Land, spoke with Global247news, saying ” Its an eyesore on the town and to be honest hundreds wouldn’t be bothered if never opened again, it’s not a popular pub around these parts, I normally like a Wetherspoons but you struggle to get to the bar in that one as you ‘stick to the carpet’ before getting there, although it’s ok if you are bored and want to watch an arrest or a punch up I guess” he grinned.



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