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This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford has hit back at a viewer who accused her of being “vile”.

Ruth Langsford branded as Vile. When the accusation came which stated she was “vile” to husband and co-presenter Eamonn Holmes she said “It’s banter!” The incident surfaced on Friday’s program after Eamonn joked that there weren’t any tasty snacks at home. Ruth joked that he was “portly” before bringing up the fact a viewer had complained on the previous day’s show that she wasn’t very nice to him.

She said “Oh by the way, the lady who sent me a message yesterday and said you’re vile to your husband – it’s banter!” Members of the program’s crew could be heard laughing off camera. Eamonn joked that the viewer who complained was his mother to which Ruth replied “She wouldn’t complain, she loves me.” then waved at the camera. The pair started dating after Eamonn’s first marriage broke down. They were married in 2010.


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