Sandra Evans alleged to be a distraught grandmother has not been found despite intensive investigations

As previously reported, an investigation has been taking place for a distraught grandmother allegedly called Sandra Evans residing in Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

APPEAL for Sandra Evans From Mijas In Spain To Come Foward


The alarm was raised by guitarist Ron Howells who writes for a freely distributed advertising newspaper in  Spain known as the Euro Weekly News.

In his article in the Euro Weekly News, he made many claims.

Howells cited a Sandra Evans who apparently gave him a quote, although after an intensive search on social media, despite the claims from Howells that ‘Sandra’ had published it on Facebook, it has yet to be found, as well as a profile for ‘Sandra Evans’

Global247news attempted to contact the Euro weekly News ‘reporter’ but he failed to answer his phone on several occasions.

An offer was also made to the owners of the publication, Michel & Steven Euesden, to come forward with evidence of the claim by a psychologist, Julian Jenkins, after he studied the article by Howells.

Jenkins had requested proof of the quote and existence of Sandra Evans, to which nothing as far has come forward and is unlikely to do so. He felt ‘Sandra Evans’ was a figment of the imagination of Euro Weekly News reporter, Ron Howells, mind.

This week an investigation team in Spain was sent to two areas of both Mijas Pueblo and Mijas Costa but the investigation team who are established on locating persons with a proven track record couldn’t find any such person known as Sandra Evans.

There are no records of Sandra Evans on the Padron in the Mijas regions.

Over the last 25 years, since the Euesdens ‘took over’ from Lennox Napier, who ran ‘ The Entertainer’ newspaper which was highly documented in the media of ex-pat news in Spain several years ago, the free newspaper and its website have been found to publish some corkers of claims according to readers.

Recently the title claimed that Gerri Halliwell once of the Spice Girls, was in Marbella with her new boyfriend, when in fact she was sat at home with her husband Red Bull Formula one boss, Christan Horner.

At the time, Gerri decided to ignore the slander of the Euro Weekly News and continue with her projects as reported 

despite being advised by a former team member of Red Bull Racing.

The former team member said at the time, ‘Christian just laughed, he and Gerri know of the title Euro Weekly News from their visits to Spain and saw the funny side’

” They know it’s just a free advertising newspaper in Spain” he claimed.

Andrew Simmons a regular reader of over 20 years of the Euro Weekly News, speaking to Global247news tonight said.

” As a regular to Spain for the last 27 years, I take their articles tongue in cheek but you just have to accept it’s likely not true, I read a story in there once that the ISIS bride was already in London when it was proved she was still in Libya.

” I have followed this grandma story, to me, it’s complete bollocks made up by Ronnie, I’ve met him a few times and watched him play in Shaggy’s – he’s good, but he’s clearly a Brummie blagger!”

” I notice ‘Tony Winterburn” has stopped writing for the EWN, that’s a shame, his articles were funny to be fair, I loved his exodus to Portugal one”

“He was comedy gold” Simmons added before finishing with  a quip ‘ Find Sandra – and not Rons’ strife!’

Since the investigation into Ron’s ‘Sandra Evans,’ it appears the storyteller has been pulled into line for now.

This week in his articles he’s started to print his source for his articles, although now it appears they are just ‘copies’ from the various Spanish media outlets and translated.











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