We are Specialists in New pool projects & reforms. Leak detecting & all repairs and pool maintenance. Pool shop with large stock of chemicals, equipment and accessories.

Splash Pools Mijas • Build it, Fix it, Maintain it!: Splash Pools Mijas SL was established in 1985. It is a family run business with a large shop providing all your pool requirements. Along with professional staff to maintain pools, repair and building them and also here to give helpful and friendly advice on any pool dilemma.

We are at: Entrance to Urbanisation Doña Pilar just below restaurant Valparaiso , Carretera de Mijas

Or call 66 77 88 291 for directions

(Please note we are closed this week for holidays – Call for more information)

Our Shop

The decision to open the shop and office here was so that our customers can park their car right outside or close by to pick up any chemicals or equipment easily.

We stock all the chemicals needed to maintain your pool in perfect, sparkling condition.

If you are uncertain of how to do this or your pool has turned a strange colour – all you need to do is bring a small sample of the pool water to us and we will analyse it FREE OF CHARGE and then advise you of the action to take.

Fixtures and Fittings

We have available a large range of good quality fittings such as pump, filters and skimmers etc. If you are building a pool yourself you can buy all the parts you need from us. We stock all the cleaning equipment you need – Poles, nets, cleaning heads, hoses and brushes.

If you need a new filter basket or seal we advise you to bring the old one in as there are so many in stock you can check you have the correct one. If any parts or fittings you need are not in stock we will order them straight away.

Pool Design & Construction

We need to have an on site consultation to discuss what you have in mind and to advise you what is possible. And then we recommend a local architect who will draw up plans that you need to submit to your local town hall for approval. In the meantime we will present you with a costing for building the pool of your choice.

Finally, Once the architects plans are presented and approved you have to pay the building license and the we can start work. New pools are given 10 year guarantees and one month’s FREE pool maintenance (depending on your location).

10 year guarantees and one month’s FREE pool maintenance on all our Pools

Pool Maintenance

We have a team of well trained employees who have worked with us for many years. The weekly visits are arranged so that they will come to your house on a certain day of the week and more or less the same time. They check the chemical readings and adjust as necessary. What is used is recorded for the bills which are issued at the end of each month. It means you pay exactly for what you have used – as every month is different.

We use good quality chemicals and add anti algae to give your pool a blue and sparkling finish. They then brush the walls, vacuum the floor and backwash when necessary. They empty the pump and skimmer baskets and check the pump is working for the correct time. This increases as the weather gets warmer and the pool is used more.

And If you have a pool heater this can be turned on for you. Ready for your visit if you are not in permanent residence. The minimum pool maintenance contract is once a week and twice a week is advisable in the hot months. Or when your pool gets heavy use. Especially if rented out.

Pool Repairs

Also, Many things can ( and do ) go wrong with pools. Such as pumps and filters breaking down, leaks, air getting into the system, pipes and pumps getting blocked, grouting being lost and causing black algae. The list is endless. If it is a simple small job it can be carried out straight away by our experienced technicians. If it is a large job we will give you a costing for the work that needs to be done first.

Splash Pools SL

Ctra. Fuengirola-Mijas, BL-E
29650 Mijas – Malaga

Call us on: 952 591 053 | 66 77 88 291
email . splashpools@electronbox.net

Website: https://splashpoolsmijas.com/


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