Nigel Farage hits out at Harry and Meghan over reaction to Duke of Edinburgh's death

Nigel Farage has attacked Harry and Meghan in an interview with Fox News.

Nigel Farage hits out at Harry and Meghan over reaction to Duke of Edinburgh’s death. He was speaking shortly after the announcement of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. The former MEP did not hold back in his scathing attack. Talking about the now ‘famous’ interview with Oprah while the Duke was ill in hospital. He said people’s opinion of them will “drop very fast”.

Mr Farage said “It was well known that Philip only had a few weeks to live. And yet despite that, despite the fact the Queen must have been in a state of deep distress, they proceeded to do an interview. At which they attacked, effectively, the older members of the royal family.” He believes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did “their very best to threaten the institution”.

He added “Given that today is the day that Philip has died, I won’t use the words about Meghan and Harry that I would like to. But I think it was deeply disrespectful.”

Also he said he felt a line would now be drawn under the fallout from the Oprah interview now Prince Philip had passed away. He went on to say “When people see the tributes pouring in from all over the world, especially from our Commonwealth, which the Queen is the head of and which Philip played such a big role in.

People will realise what a big deal the British monarchy is.” However he continued his attack of the couple, saying “When people realise, as I have just said to you, that it was known for the last many weeks that he was at death’s door, when people realise that Meghan and Harry went ahead with that interview regardless, throwing around unjustified allegations, I have a feeling public opinion in terms of Meghan and Harry is going to go down very, very fast.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid tribute to Philip on the website of their foundation Archewell, replacing its homepage with a memorial site and the words: “In loving memory of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021. Thank you for your service… You will be greatly missed.” Harry will most likely attend his grandfather’s funeral although it is as yet unknown if Meghan will accompany him as she is pregnant with their second child.


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