Net Closing In On Alleged Motorhome Rental Scammers Mark & Gayle Craven

Alleged Motorhome scammer tracked to the Isle Of Wight comes forward

As reported on Global247news yesterday, a search started for Mark & Gayle Craven after they disappeared with customers deposits.

After hearing about the plight of monies lost, we Global placed our investigators on the case to track down Mr & Mrs Craven.

Within hours our investigations had tracked them down to the Isle Of Wight.

Today, The Craven’s have come forward to wishing to offer their side of events and promising to pay everyone back.

The email reads as follows:

I have just read your article regarding Gayle and myself.

I would like to give you our side of the story.

Back during the lockdowns of last year, we were taking bookings just like everyone else and as lockdowns lifted people went away in the motorhome and we’re all extremely happy with the service.

As lockdowns came into force, we had to cancel bookings and asked customers to move their booking to another date in the future where we thought we would be out of lockdown and this continued on and everyone was satisfied with the situation.

In January of this year, we were told that our house was going up for sale and we would need to leave the property, we were devastated, we had lived there for 11 years.

Gayle was particularly distraught and her mental health suffered as depression was setting in.

We started not only looking for somewhere else to live but also some sort of work.

The initial plan was to stay local and carry on with the motorhome.

I then got an interview for a live-in position in March.

I was interviewed on Wednesday, and went to see the business on Thursday and was offered a job on the spot.

We were asked to move as soon as we could, with businesses starting to reopening in April.

We wanted our daughter to finish her term up to Easter at school and then we said we could move.

The main problem was we did not know how to finish the motorhome business and pay any deposits back to people that had paid them as we did.

 The only funds we had would be to help move us and feed us until we started work and received wages.

So I wrote to everyone saying the business had closed down and in truth it simply was unsustainable and we couldn’t t keep it up, we were struggling to keep payments and maintenance up.

I did not know what to say about deposits but please believe when I say as we were to get on our feet, I have always had the full intention of paying back the deposits.

I just wanted to let everyone know in the first instance that we were no longer open for business.

I am also in the process of selling the motorhome and as soon as that happens, obviously, I can pay back all the deposits.

I am already speaking to a few customers at present and I am already in the process of paying back their deposits, I am attempting to do this in date order, so people who were due first will get their deposit back first.

Gayle is in pieces, she is in no condition to talk to anyone or deal with any of this.

She is really at rock bottom and I am trying to hold everything together the best I can.

All I am asking is that people just bear with me for a while and I will make everything right.

We are truly sorry for any upset, inconvenience and problems we have caused but I just did not see any other way out of this.

Many thanks and best regards,
Mark Craven


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